Our Services

Netlogic IDX has successfully completed multiple projects in the last two years for major blue-chip, medium-sized and public sector organisations in a broad range of industries. As a result, Netlogic IDX has established a reputation for delivering quality high profile projects on time and within or under budget.

Some of the services offered by Netlogic IDX in these projects have been:

Programme Office

  • Creation of Projects Register
  • Management of all Reports and project updates
  • Training of Project Office personnel
  • Creation and issuing of all document templates
  • Communications Plan
  • Projects Management Plan

Strategic Management

  • Creation /Evaluation of Vision/Mission Statements
  • Identification of Core Values
  • Identification and Creation of Strategies for deployment
  • Execution of Strategic Plans

Infrastructure Design

  • Needs requirements assessment
  • Technical Blueprint
  • Rollout management

Building Relocation Management

  • Needs requirements assessment
  • Technical Design
  • Relocation Planning and Execution
  • Subcontractor Management

Managed Services

  • Desktop Support
  • Onsite IT Support
  • Remote IT Support
  • Bespoke Training
  • Certification Training

Netlogic IDX continues to provide independent consulting based on the specific needs of each client, no matter what the size of the project.

Netlogic IDX value-added practices bring confidence to our clients in the execution of projects, developing practical solution for integration and building long term relationships.

Managed Services

To Out Source Or Not To Out Source

“We did not know what we were doing in the function”
“It was definitely not one of our core competencies”
“Someone else can sort out the mess for us”

The above statements can been heard time and time again from companies who are diving head first into outsourcing agreements.

We believe that if a job has to be done, it should be done well. Our aim is not only to achieve customer satisfaction but to exceed expectations in all aspects. We take pride in our business ethics which are based on integrity, honesty and perfection.

The Logical Choice For Your Outsourcing Needs

Outsourcing your operation to a professional company may deliver major financial and operating benefits or can create the opposite. Netlogic IDX are committed at enabling our clients find their most appropriate solution.

Netlogic IDX’s Managed Services allows our clients the opportunity to focus resources on the strategic priorities of their company. Our solutions can be tailored to suite every business.

Doing What You Do Best

A Managed Service from Netlogic IDX will help you achieve the financial benefits needed to maintain high performance standards.

We help you identify and implement solutions, enabling you to reduce costs as well as improve performance.

Let the Experts Add Value To Your Operation

  • Reduce function running costs
  • Focus on core-competencies
  • Manage sub-contractors effectively
  • Fill the technology skills gap
  • Expand existing service offering

Your Professional Choice

With Netlogic IDX, you have the freedom of choice to decide whether you need to outsource or the level of service you require.

Netlogic IDX provides long-term solutions. Customer satisfaction is a key component of the success of a project and our aim is to exceed clients’ expectations.