Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Development Tool

State of the art, high capacity advanced IVR with speech recognition capabilities allow your customers access to information via touch-tone telephone or voice commands

By supporting both Analog and SIP trunks, i-Tell System supports all kind of PBXs.

I-Tell is a completely customisable IVR system, allowing the creation of any application to your exact specification.

I-Tell is empowered with faxing, SMS, Email capabilities.


  • i-Tell makes it simpler and more cost effective to deploy customer interaction solutions based on speech response. i-Tells leading speech and touchtone solution can be deployed in any industry standard based platform, providing customers with a flexible, cost saving solution encompassing VoIP and speech technologies.
  • i-Tell is a fully hosted, professional, and very competitively priced automated & uninterrupted IVR service, that focuses on exceeding the customers’ expectations upon delivery.

Benefits and Uses:

  • i-Tell is a self rewarding ‘return on investment’ product that reduces costs dramatically while enhancing the quality of customer service.
  • i-Tells advanced features provide a ‘write once’ application system, allowing for quick deployment and on a variety of popular telephone lines or trunk types, in any country, and with minimal changes.
  • i-Tell improves your service by giving customers ‘round the clock’ dynamic, real-time voice access to your business, to carry out routine inquiries and service requests by responding to a series of voice and touch-tone interactions.
  • With the same number of agents, businesses can increase efficiency while improving profitability.
  • i-Tell is integrateable with other technologies allowing for the development of more features.
  • Information is gathered and acted upon all in one place, ensuring order accuracy.
  • Industry standards based software maximizes flexibility: Support of several server types offers enterprises the ability to design solutions with the right port density and the reliability required for their self service application.
  • Utilising IVR technology to automatically gather customer ordering and delivery information.
  • Reduce costs by relying less on human live support.


  • Easy to use Drag and Drop GUI Development Studio.
  • Open architecture.
  • Supports Analogue, E1, and SIP trunks.
  • Expandable from 2 to 240 channels per system.
  • Easy to use setup wizard.
  • Facilitates development Enhance your application with powerful computer telephony (CT) features, without having the expertise.
  • Text-to-Speech As i-Tell interacts with callers, it can read information from databases or files and use Text-to-Speech technology to play back information to callers.
  • Speech Recognition Unlike other software solutions on the market that require callers to enter information as digits, i-Tell can ask callers to verbally input their information.
  • Internets ready i-Tell has the ability to send and receive email messages from the internet and subsequently initiate calls based on the information it receives.
  • Language support enables the development of applications that can be used in the Middle East region.

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