SMS Gateway That Combines Email and Fax

I-Send is an integrated marketing solutions for medium and large corporations extremely popular way of sending bulk SMS,.

I-Send contains three two additional functions i-SMS which is a bulk SMS Sending, i-Mail which is a comprehensive easy to use email service, and i-Fax which is an automated soft faxing service.


  • i-Send is a very easy way of sending bulk messages, and it is a multi-lingual SMS support system.
  • The Second function in i-Send is the i-Mail service which is an easy to use email application that can send from outlook that can, receives from multiple senders, ensuring only those authorized are allowed access through a secure authentication system.

Benefits and Uses:

  • Provides quick, easy and cost-efficient ways of using advanced technology to improve communications in your organization. Intuitive and simple to use: it takes few seconds to send an SMS/EMS/MMS to an individual or to multiple recipients.
  • I-Send accessibility allows for quick contacting especially when contacting those on the road, allowing you to communicate more quickly and efficiently.
  • With I-Mail you can email contacts from a contact list directly from a database without the need for a server, while being able to integrate with any CRM Application.
  • Each user can have multiple email accounts.
  • Can be used with any mobile gateway (i.e. mobiles, prima cells, USB modems, etc).


  • I-Send is a completely customisable bulk messaging solution that can schedule, receive delivery notification for sent messages, and is a simple, secure, flexible and reliable way of messaging.
  • I-Send can be implemented as an SMS server that uses one or more mobile gateways to send SMS.
  • Empowers you with the ability to send to anyone or any group in the world using mobile gateways, GSM mobiles, or from your desktop or website.
  • Add, edit and delete template messages.
  • I-Mail works as an automatic windows service to send emails. It can integrate with other applications, allowing it to be fully customisable and dynamic in its activity while enforcing a security authentication system.
  • Customers & their data numbers are stored in a list of members & groups in the program database.

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