Handling And Distributing Incoming Calls Among Available Agents

I-Queue is an Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) that directs calls to the extensions or telephones used to receive calls


  • ACD is a device that distributes incoming calls to a specific group of terminals that agents use.
  • ACD systems are quite often found in companies who handle a lot of incoming phone calls and where the caller has no specific need to talk to a certain person, but requires assistance at the earliest opportunity.
  • I-Queue remedies problems of small PBXs that cannot handle internal ACD options.
  • Originally, limited and rigid ACD options were an extra added cost to have available with a supported PBX through extra licenses, which made having this option unappealing and expensive.

Benefits and Uses:

  • Supports all PBX types.
  • Call Processing Features: Enable customisation of ACD configurations to meet unique needs, handling high volumes of incoming calls and distributing them to answering agents or devices.
  • Agent Features: Designed to ensure that customers receive the best possible service by providing agents with productivity tools.
  • Supervisor Features: Enable administrative staff to monitor agents’ work and provide agents with the support they need. Supervisors can access current status displays, as well as historical information collected by the system, in the day-to-day management of call centre operations


  • Multiple Queues : The ability to work with one queue or more, if present.
  • Multi Language Support : The ability to work with one language or more, if present.
  • Agent overloading: Agent can participate in more than one queue at the same time.
  • Night mode: The system is available after working hours.
  • Flexibility to add queues, Flexibility to add agents: Administrator can add, modify, delete and assign agents to queues.
  • Work period, Supervision: Each queue can have more than one supervisor. Supervisors can manage selected agents from queues.
  • Generate up-to-date reports, Track agent status, changes, and activity, Generate statistics about calls in all or specific queues: The ability to extract valuable information from the generated reports about calls, such as service levels, incoming calls, served calls, abandoned calls, speed answered calls, while viewing the minimum, maximum and average of these values.
  • Report all agents, Export reports: The ability to export the generated reports to Microsoft Excel or direct printing.
  • Monitor the activity of agents live: You can monitor the queues live step by step.
  • Agent application: An easy to use agent tool that mirrors his current status, enabling him to change his status from ready, not ready, break and log out.
  • Rubber time: Adjustable rubber time for agent to be ready for next call.
  • Deleted agent reports: The system keeps record of deleted agent reports until extra secure manual deletion is performed.
  • Fail over: Drops the call in case of any malfunction or failure, returning the agent to ready status to accept calls.

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