i-Listen Call Recording System

A Comprehensive Call Recording and monitoring solution

I-Listen is a powerful & intelligent call recording system that you can completely rely on for Quality Assurance, performance monitoring and security.

Secure your investment by recording telephone transactions, conversations; saving you possible future legal problems, time, money, and your company reputation!


  • Call recording is becoming increasingly important in daily business. I-listen was designed, developed and implementedto enable recording of multiple telephone calls while storing them in a compressed audio file format for future reference. This product can benefit many in different service industries, such as call centers, stock brokerages, financial firms, security agencies, national and international defense organizations, and many more.
  • I-Listen can be used with VoIP, Digital, Analogue and E1 PBXs.
  • I-Listen stores each call encrypted with its associated information (dialled andcaller numbers, time, duration, etc) making it easier to search.
  • Only users with specified privileges can login remotely to the system to monitor and administrate the system.
  • I-Listen can also record a video of the agents PC screen during the call.
  • I-Listen can also Integrates Actively with Avaya and Cisco to record without the need for spanning.

Benefits and Uses:

  • The ability of using i-Listen in any telephony environment, as we can support nearly all PBX’s brands with unlimited numbers of PBXs, makes it very easy to get the system running. You can also upgrade or even migrate to a new telephony system.
  • Any call centre needs to record customer calls for monitoring, reviewing and evaluating agents’ performance and customer service levels.
  • Technical support call centre, where troubleshooting with customers is made on the agents’ PC during the call, i-Listen would record every step. Recording calls with PC video can be used as an evidence of each case and troubleshooting reference to new trainees.
  • Brokerages are able to record customer orders by phone, ensuring that they are compliant with financial regulations. An order marking feature and a powerful searching tool allows for easy retrieval of all the calls. Reviewers of calls can also make comments to later refer back to them.
  • I-Listen is a scalable system that can be distributed over several servers to achieve the highest number of monitored extensions.
  • The i-Listen design allows for future development and customization as per customer requirements


  • Supports a large number of PBXs in VoIP, Digital, E1 and Analogue environments.
  • I-Listen can be distributed through several servers to support virtually any unlimited number of monitored extensions.
  • An easy-to-use client interface to remotely monitor and control the recording system.
  • The client program is available in both desktop and web interfaces.
  • Security authentication user accounts with several authorization levels to monitor specific telephones, change settings, delete calls, etc.
  • The ability to listen live to the ongoing calls, Reviewers can add comments to calls.
  • Browse and search for calls using a combination of all kinds of information such as call time, duration, direction, extension, caller ID, dialled number, comments, agent name, customer name, order number, comment, etc.
  • Encrypted calls can only be listened to through the client using a valid user account.
  • Ability to mark important calls and part of calls, e.g. customer orders, by the agent during the call, Video-recording for the agents PC during his call.
  • Record during defined working periods.
  • Call compression for efficient call storage, Auto-archiving system.

Supports: Avaya, Cisco, Alcatel, Mitel, Nortel, Asterisk, SIP, Microsoft Lync, Digital, Analog, PRI

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