Refined and sharp telecommunication system for your growing business needs

i-Connect is a flexible PBX solution for small businesses that need a telecommunication system that can easily adapt during their changing and growing needs. i-Connect is specifically designed to provide the exact telecommunication features your business requires today and as it grows in the future. i-Connect is the ultimate cost-effective telecommunication solution to give you the investment protection you need. Whether you need a basic telephone system or advanced capabilities, you can expand functionality as needed.


  • i-Connect is an intelligent, sophisticated and scalable PBX system which handles many types of telephony and telecommunications needs.
  • Outstanding features give it a powerful competitive edge against other hardware and PBXs in the market, making it the best choice for your business and home!

Benefits and Uses:

  • I-Connect incorporates advanced features like IVR, recording, Queuing, predictive dialer, E1 Connections, and Supports large numbers of extensions up to 300.
  • I-Connect provide also high availabilities features.
  • Based on VoIP technology means it can extend to many phone sets, depending on network infrastructure, without extending extra wires.
  • It is software oriented which makes it easily customizable, easy to control, monitor and maintain.
  • Scalable which enables the user to extend the telephony services among many servers.
  • Integrate able with other products.
  • The VoIP system is built on the SIP protocol, enabling the user to purchase any phone set that complies with this common protocol.
  • Works with Gateways and ATA devices that comply with the SIP protocol.
  • Works with different network configurations, bandwidths and cross- routers.
  • Plug-in architecture means adding modules to the application can extend its usability.
  • Configurable using user friendly web interface.


  • Basic call establishment and ending
  • Hold Call
  • Blind Transfer Call
  • Attended Transfer Call
  • Conference Call
  • Hunt Groups and Nested Hunt Groups
  • Park Call
  • Auto Attendant
  • FXO SIP VoIP trunks
  • Call Deflecting
  • Forward on busy
  • Forward on No Answer
  • Music on Hold
  • 4/8/16 FXO analogue Ports
  • G.711u,G.711a,GSM G.729 Codec Support
  • Web interface working on IIS server

Extra Features:

  • Call Recording
  • IVR
  • Queuing
  • Faxing, SMS
  • Billing

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