i-Call is a computerized system that automatically dials batches of telephone numbers.


  • It is a customized IVR application that makes outgoing calls to inform the receiver with a voice message.
  • It works by extracting numbers from a database or basic spreadsheet to make the call, play a message, and then ensuring disconnection for safe and non costly call making.
  • i-Calls clever report generating system creates sophisticated results related to the traffic of the outgoing calls, allowing you to streamline the system to enhance performance such as removing incorrect numbers, or depending on analysis, decide to decrease message length or change time of outgoing calls to get better response rates.

Benefits and Uses:

  • i-Call can be used in a broad range of customer-dealing markets. Any enterprise that interacts widely with customers will find huge potential for the i-Call system in their workplace.
  • Informing customers with important short vocal messages can be a very important tool in a targeted marketing strategy or campaign for your company.
  • Make calls to your customers exactly after recording your message, while allowing for a list of customers to be contacted within a very short space of time, ensuring that your information reaches them all at the same time.
    • i-Call can benefit many different types of businesses in different sectors. It can be used in:
    • Banks and security firms: Low balance notifications, transactions, confirm credit card usage…etc.
    • Financial Brokerages: Inform customers of recent transactions and any unusual activity, or can be used for a simple update on a set periodic timetable.
    • Health Institutions: Send a short voice message reminding of an appointment, or to make an appointment, providing test results, etc.
    • Educational Institutions: Informing parents or students of exam results, homework/coursework assignments, open days, special events, emergency voice messages and many more!
    • Whatever your industry, you’ll find huge benefits in implementing the i-Call system at work today!


  • Simple easy to use user interface.
  • Wave sound files represent the calls sent to the customers.
  • Open database for storing your customer’s details.
  • Detailed reports for each sent call (date, period, number answered, status, etc).
  • Send to all your customers the same voice message and at the same time.
  • Run-Time ability to add new customers/numbers to the list your outgoing calls list, saving you time.
  • Ability to interact with all types of PBXs (Private Branch Exchange).
  • Ability to schedule your calls at the time you prefer.

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