home_logoNetlogic TEC  is company with Headquarters based in Cairo, Egypt, offices also in London, UK, and Dubai, UAE.

  • At Netlogic TEC we consider ourselves to be the IT partner of our clients.
  • With them we work closely to implement integrated solutions built upon their business logic, and accessible through the Internet, Telephony and GSM to increase productivity and information accessibility.
  • We provide our clients from various vertical industries with web presence, e-commerce solutions, workflow solutions, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems, call recording and monitoring, call centers, unified messaging and others.
  • Among the tools we use to achieve this are; partnership with top technology providers, keen staff empowerment and motivation, and commitment to our clients.
  • Examples of partnerships include Microsoft, IBM, SAKHR, Interland, and RDI in an effort to provide clients with applications of robust core, and friendly interface.
  • Since its considerably recent establishment, Netlogic TEC has served a wide range of clients; governmental, NGO’s, and Commercial. These services included Web services, Intranet services, and Telephony / GSM applications.
  • We hope that the following profile will convey the proper image of our company, and that it will be the seed of future cooperation between Netlogic TEC and Your Organization.


We expanded our success by serving more strategic clients. We introduced new products like I-Contact which is CRM solution for call centres Then developed our I-publish into a .NET version and developed I-Evaluate as an Agent evaluation software.


We continued our success by serving more strategic clients. We introduced new products like i-Connect which is Voice over IP telephony (VoIP), is a telephony solution that offers a rich and flexible features set thought VoIP which allows you to make telephone calls using a broadband Internet connection instead of a regular analog phone line, This move from a traditional circuit switched to packet switched technology will have a significant impact on the system used to record communication. Our next product that was introduced is FAX server (i-FAX) and SMS (i-Send), it is considered one of extremely popular way now a day of sending bulk messages with a complete control of SMS broadcasting at your fingerprints that include support that is multi-lingual. Then the year was closed on another financial expansion by closing another deal with other banking sectors NSGB and Egyptian Saudi Financial bank which pushed Netlogic TEC boundaries in the technology market.


The Booming of i-Listen Product which is a Comprehensive Call Recording and Monitoring Solution became a unique product after adding the newest technology which is VASE (Value added service) this was done especially for Management Department (quality assurance Department) to evaluate their agents by using this software to write up their comment while listening to recorded conversation. Which ensure Quality assurance and performance monitoring and this helps securing your investment, saves time and money, and something potentially far more important to any cooperate or any sector is it’s reputation. Which lead Netlogic TEC to expand its consumer horizon by joining with another financial sector like Al-Watany bank, and also by joining one of the biggest companies like HC, CIBC, and Orbit.


The year 2004 is considered as vital step for Netlogic TEC and its products to be multi national company by joining Net Logic Consulting (UK), we moved to our new office located in Nasr City distinct, we become more mature doing our business by developing and enhancing our products to compete international product specially e-Listener voice recording system. We also continued enhancing our development cycle to include well prepared technical documentation and user’s guides. We are pushing to expand our market abroad specially in the Gulf area and Europe.

2002 – 2003

We continued our success by serving more strategic clients. We introduced new products; i-Listener (that later changed it’s name to i Listen), TEC Support Web, TEC Team WEB, TEC i-Publisher and Madrasti (later the name was changed to i Publish and i Care), in addition to enhancing the existing products. We also started our refund cycle seeking new markets and business opportunities.


The year 2001 marks Netlogic TEC new shape, we moved to our new office located in Maadi distinct, we become more mature doing our business by developing well defined working methodologies for both web and telephony services; known internally as; “TEC Website lifecycle” and “TEC Telephony applications lifecycle” respectively. Through these form-based methodologies we guarantee the same level of quality and enriching our corporate memory in a step toward the planned future ISO and CMM certifications. We also continued enhancing our business partnerships by adding Interland, RDI and Sakhr to our business partners’ profile. But the major development in our business during the year 2001 is our new trend to put many of our services in a well-defined product form. We end up with three products namely; e-Stock broker (that later changed it’s name to i Listener), TEC-IVR (changed it’s name to i Connect), TEC V Dialer (that was also later changed to i Dial).


Out steps towards Global Partnership started. We become a Microsoft Certified Solution Provider, and an IBM business partner. The major development in our business during the year 2000 was our believe in the Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) business future so we started to invest heavily adding the telephony services to our service offerings and appeared in the Gulf Information Technology Exhibition (GITEX- Dubai) 2000 with IBM demonstrating our co-developed telephony applications.


Netlogic TEC managed to secure a number of contracts to provide different solutions ranging from intranet applications, e-commerce sites, registration systems and the web porting of multimedia Arabic applications. The company core staff grew to 9 developers by the end of the year along with the supporting staff. Four of our developers are Microsoft Certified Professionals (MCP) in different areas. Our staff also includes Ph.D., M.Sc. and MBA holders


Late fall of 1998 marked the birth of Netlogic TEC. Three amigos joined hands to create a company with a vision on becoming a key player in the arena of business solutions. Since the Internet had evolved into an integral part of any business solution, it was no wonder that Internet-based solutions were our amigos’ main focus. The partners agreed to establish a joint stock company, where other stockholders were carefully selected to give the new company maximum support possible. The new stockholders were companies from various business areas.